Why Do I Need to Have a Teeth Cleaning?

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One essential component for good oral health is a regular teeth cleaning. Cleaning appointments at a dentist's can keep the teeth clean and free of tartar and bacteria that may cause decay. Seeing a dentist or dental hygienist regularly for a teeth cleaning can ensure that good oral hygiene is maintained. Patients wondering why teeth cleanings are necessary should understand and be aware of the benefits of having clean teeth.

The importance of regular teeth cleanings

Debating whether or not to have that scheduled teeth cleaning? Do not skip it! These dental appointments are crucial to good oral hygiene and health.

Oral hygiene

The main reason to have teeth cleaned is to maintain good oral hygiene. While everyday brushing and flossing help maintain good oral hygiene, dental professionals can provide a thorough cleaning that will remove almost all plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

Having good oral hygiene is crucial to the health and condition of the teeth, gums and entire mouth. Without it, people are at a much higher risk of developing an infection that could cause bad breath, tooth decay or even pain. Regular teeth cleanings will lower the chances that the teeth or gums are in harm’s way. These cleanings should be done at least twice a year, but dentists and hygienists are happy to do them more frequently too.

Oral health

Good oral health goes hand in hand with good hygiene, and it is another reason that a teeth cleaning should be had routinely. When a dentist or hygienist is able to perform routine cleanings, they are able to look for and remove anything harmful in the mouth that could get in the way of good oral health.

Having good oral health can also promote good overall health. A lot of people do not realize that bad oral health can lead to other problems within the body. For example, if the gums are infected, the bacteria can travel to other organs within the body and lead to still more serious infections.

Preventive care

Teeth cleanings also allow for preventive measures to be taken. Oftentimes, the dentist may notice something abnormal during a cleaning. This early warning can allow them to get in front of issues before they become serious. There may be signs of decay or infection that could be treated earlier so that they do not develop or get worse. Procedures like dental sealants or fillings can be scheduled to take care of cavities and other problems so that the teeth remain in good shape. 

Get started today

Teeth cleanings should never be skipped. They are important and necessary to maintain good oral health and hygiene. Dentists and hygienists can perform regular cleanings to keep the teeth and gums free of bacteria. If you have questions or would like to get scheduled for a teeth cleaning, then reach out to our office. Our team is happy to get you started. Give us a call or stop by today!

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