Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Invisalign

What Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Invisalign?

Are you wearing Invisalign and wondering what foods to avoid to prevent damaging your aligners or teeth? We’ve got you covered! We’ll share some common foods that are not compatible with Invisalign treatment and explain why they can cause problems. Don’t let a snack sabotage your straighter smile – keep reading to find out which foods should be off-limits while wearing Invisalign.

When you get Invisalign, you are making a commitment to improving your smile. And part of that involves taking good care of your aligners and keeping them clean. But did you know that what you eat can also impact your Invisalign treatment?

Foods to Avoid While Wearing Invisalign and Why

While Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces, there are certain foods you should avoid while wearing them.

Chewy Foods to Avoid

There are certain chewy foods that you should avoid while wearing Invisalign aligners. This is because the aligners can become misshapen if they come into contact with hard or chewy foods. Additionally, chewing on hard or chewy foods can cause the aligners to break or crack. Some of the chewy foods that you should avoid while wearing Invisalign include:

-Hard candy
-Popcorn kernels

Sticky Foods to Avoid

In order to keep your Invisalign clear, it’s important to avoid sticky foods. These can cause the aligners to become dirty or discolored, and can also lead to cavities and gum disease.

Some of the most common sticky foods to avoid include candy, caramel, chewing gum, cookies, crackers, and pudding. If you do eat these foods, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly afterward.

Hard Foods to Avoid

There are certain hard foods that you should avoid while wearing Invisalign, as they can potentially damage your aligners. Some of the worst offenders include:

Hard candy: This is a tough one, as candy is often a go-to snack. However, hard candy can crack and break your aligners. If you must have something sweet, opt for soft caramel or chocolate instead.

Gum: Chewing gum can actually loosen your aligners and cause them to come out. Not to mention, it’s just gross to have gum stuck in your teeth!

Ice: Like hard candy, ice can also crack and break your aligners. If you’re craving something icy, try sucking on ice chips instead of chewing them.

Nuts: Nuts are another food that can crack or break your aligners. They’re also difficult to remove from your teeth, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Sugary Drinks & Beverages to Avoid

When you’re wearing Invisalign, it’s important to be mindful of what you’re eating and drinking. Sugary drinks and beverages can cause damage to your aligners and teeth, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Here are some specific sugary drinks and beverages to avoid while wearing Invisalign:

-Sports drinks
-Fruit juice
-Sweetened coffee or tea
-Alcoholic beverages

Hot and Cold Foods to Avoid

When you’re wearing Invisalign, there are certain types of foods that you should avoid. These include hot and cold foods.

Hot foods can cause the aligners to warp, making them less effective at straightening your teeth. Cold foods can cause the aligners to crack and break.

Here are some specific hot and cold foods to avoid while wearing Invisalign:

Hot Foods:

• Soup
• Coffee
• Tea
• Hot chocolate
• Hot cereal
• Eggs (over-easy, sunny side up, etc.)

Cold Foods:

• Ice cream
• Frozen yogurt
• Sherbet
• Popsicles
• Ice cubes

Tips on How to Enjoy Eating with Invisalign

Eating with Invisalign is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your meals while wearing Invisalign:

1. Choose softer foods: Since Invisalign aligners are made of soft plastic, choosing softer foods that will not damage or break them is important. Some good options include mashed potatoes, soup, stew, cooked veggies, and fish. Avoid hard foods like nuts, seeds, popcorn, chips, and hard candy.

2. Cut food into smaller pieces: Cutting your food into smaller pieces will make it easier to chew and will prevent your aligners from getting caught on anything.

3. Take off your aligners before eating: It is important to remove them before eating or drinking anything other than water. This will prevent staining and cavities. Be sure to brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in.

4. Rinse your aligners after eating: Rinsing your aligners after each meal will help keep them clean and free of food particles.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Invisalign?

Wearing Invisalign is a great way to improve your smile without having to wear traditional metal braces. Invisalign is made of clear plastic, so it is virtually invisible when you wear it. In addition, Invisalign is removable, so you can take it out for eating and cleaning. Here are some other benefits of wearing Invisalign:

Invisalign is comfortable to wear. The clear plastic aligners fit snugly over your teeth, but they are not as uncomfortable as metal braces.

Invisalign can help improve your self-esteem. If you are self-conscious about your smile, wearing Invisalign can help you feel better about yourself.

Invisalign can help you avoid cavities and gum disease. Traditional metal braces can trap food and plaque against your teeth, leading to cavities and gum disease. Since Invisalign is removable, you can brush and floss thoroughly to avoid these problems.

Invisalign can be less expensive than traditional braces. The cost of Invisalign depends on the severity of your dental problems, but it is often cheaper than traditional braces.


Wearing Invisalign aligners can be a great way to correct your alignment and get the smile of your dreams. In order for treatment to work properly, it is important to maintain good oral health habits, which include avoiding certain foods. By being mindful of the food you are consuming while wearing clear aligners, you can avoid prolonged damage to your teeth and gums and ensure that your treatment progresses as intended. With these 15 foods in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your Invisalign journey without worrying about potential harm.


Q: Can I eat anything while wearing Invisalign?

A: While you can technically eat whatever you want, there are certain foods that can cause damage to your Invisalign aligners or impact your treatment. Hard, sticky, and chewy foods can warp or break your aligners, so it’s best to avoid them. You should also avoid sugary and acidic foods as they can promote tooth decay.

Q: What happens if I do eat something I’m not supposed to while wearing Invisalign?

A: If you do accidentally eat something that’s harmful to your Invisalign aligners, don’t panic. Just remove your aligners and brush your teeth well. If the aligners are damaged, you can contact your orthodontist for replacement aligners.

Q: Are there any other care instructions I should follow while wearing Invisalign?

A: Yes! It’s important to brush and floss regularly and use a soft-bristled toothbrush specifically designed for cleaning aligners. You should also clean your Invisalign aligners with special cleaning crystals at least once a day.