The 3 Most Important Ages for Kids to Visit the Dentist

The 3 Most Important Ages for Kids to Visit the Dentist

When do kids first start going to the kids’ dentist? It’s a great question and one that we at Lake Worth hear a lot. Every time your child visits our dental office, they will have an out-of-this-world experience because of the way we do dental care for kids. Our experts on Lake Worth get a lot of questions from worried patients like you. People often ask, “When do babies go to the dentist?” We know the answer, or rather, we know a lot of answers. There are three important ages for kids to go to the dentist.The ages are 1,4,and 7.

When Should a Child See the Dentist?

When your child goes to the dentist for the first time, it can be both exciting and scary. How old should a child be before they go to the dentist? There are three important times to take your child to the kids dentist.

But the most important appointment is the first one. We suggest you keep reading to learn when to take your child to the dentist and why age 1 is the best time to start professional dental care.

Why Should Kids Go To The Dentist When They’re 1? When should a baby visit the dentist? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says that a child should go to the dentist for the first time no later than age 1 to learn how to take care of their teeth.

During this trip to the dentist, parents can take care of their child’s oral health in some ways:
  • Getting rid of bad oral habits like thumb and finger sucking
  • Teething
  • Taking a look at the first teeth
  • The link between what you eat and how well your teeth are.
  • Changes to the gums and jawline

How To Take Care of the Teeth Of An Infant Or Toddler?

Your baby’s first trip to the dentist sets the stage for healthy teeth for life. Make sure to write down any important questions for the pediatric dentist and ask about the next appointment. Speaking of which, if your child’s teeth and gums are healthy, you should schedule their next visit to our dentist office. But how old should a child be the second time they go to the dentist? Find out by reading on.

Why Should Kids Go To The Dentist When They’re 4?

After your child’s first trip to the dentist at age 1, you shouldn’t have to take them back for about three years. At age 4, a child needs to stop bad habits like sucking or chewing on their fingers and thumbs. And when a child is 4 years old and goes to the dentist, the dentist can reinforce ways to help the child stop these bad habits quickly and effectively.

This visit to the dentist is an important “bridge” between the age of 1, when kids should start going to the dentist, and the age of 7 when they should see an orthodontist. Think of this visit as the change from going to the “baby” dentist to the real dentist for kids. And your child will get the best dental care in our dental dental clinic.

Now that the first two important visits have been made, the trifecta is almost done. So, how old should a child be for their third visit to the dentist?

Why Should 7-year-olds Go To The Dentist?

By age 7, a child’s first molars come in, which causes them to have a backbite. This gives orthodontists enough time to look at the front-to-back and side-to-side relationships of a child’s teeth and determine if any problems could happen.

Our Orthodontists will look at possible ways to straighten teeth shortly. Braces might be needed, depending on how your teeth are aligned now and how they will move. Most kids who need braces get them between 9 and 14, but this can change depending on the situation.

By going to an orthodontist at age 7, a child may be able to lower their risk of hurting a tooth or having a permanent tooth pulled in the future.

How Old Should A Child Be Before They Go To The Dentist And The Orthodontist?

Our clinic will provide excellent dental and orthodontic care for people of all ages.Have more questions about when babies go to the dentist, when to take your child to the dentist, or anything else about pediatric dental care? We want to help. When it comes to taking their kids to the pediatric dentist Lake Worth Dentistry should be your first choice.