Talking to Your Dentist About Denture Repair Options

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If you need a denture repair, you might be unsure of how to move forward. You do not know your denture repair options, so it is hard to know what is best for you. The process is much easier when you talk to a general dentist about your options. Learn what questions you should ask when you visit the dentist.

What to ask the dentist about denture repair options

Dentists offer various options for denture repair. People can get an adjustment, reline or rebase. Dentists can also replace missing teeth. Dentists determine what the patient needs during an examination. Patients are also encouraged to ask dentists questions during this process.

What will an adjustment fix?

Many patients require denture adjustments over the years. Adjustments are used to fix minor issues with the fit. For example, if the dentures extend too far, the dentist can adjust them. Adjustments are also used when the dentures rub sore spots on the gums. Dentists complete minor adjustments during the appointment, so the patient leaves with properly fitting dentures.

Is a denture reline needed?

People should get a denture reline every two years at a minimum. A denture reline is recommended when the dentures do not fit securely. The dentist removes some of the pink acrylic material that hugs the gums and replaces it with a hard or soft material. The material is shaped to fit snuggly against the gums, improving the fit.

What are the reline options?

Dentists offer hard and soft relines. Soft relines are preferred for people who have comfort issues when wearing dentures. The soft material used is gentle on the gums. Hard relines last longer, though. Soft relines tend to last for 18 months while hard relines last for two years or more.

Is it possible to replace all the denture base material?

It is common for the teeth to remain in good condition long after the pink base material wears out. A denture rebase can fix this problem. The dentist removes the entire base of the denture and replaces it. The dentist does not replace the teeth, though.

Can a missing tooth be replaced?

Many people think they have to get an entirely new set of dentures if a tooth is cracked or missing. Dentists can replace the missing tooth, though. If possible, patients should bring in the tooth that fell out so it can be reattached. That is the quickest and most affordable way to replace the missing tooth. If the patient does not have the tooth, the dentist will have to send the dentures off to a laboratory.

Talk about denture repair options

You should be involved in your oral care. That includes talking to your dentist about your denture repair options. Talk to your dentist about adjustments, relines and rebases. You can also talk to your dentist about options to replace a missing tooth. After you discuss your options with your dentist, you can move forward with the denture repair.

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