Popular Options for a Stained Teeth Smile Makeover

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Teeth are one of the first aspects of someone’s appearance that most people notice. Scheduling a smile makeover is a great option for patients who wish to enhance their smile by fixing gaps, broken crowns, and other issues that can make a smile look less attractive. Popular options for treating stained teeth include teeth whitening, veneers, and replacement crowns or fillings to freshen the look of the teeth overall.

What causes teeth staining?

All teeth become stained over time if they are not taken care of — and some smiles can become stained even if with brushing and flossing daily. Most teeth become a few shades darker over the course of a lifetime, but dramatic staining is often the result of diet or lifestyle choices. If a patient drinks coffee or tea every day, enjoys soy sauce products, or uses tobacco products regularly, staining is all but certain. Fortunately, a smile makeover can remedy staining and other cosmetic issues that cause the patient distress or anxiety.

How can a smile makeover fix stained teeth?

There are several options for fixing stained teeth that can be incorporated into the smile makeover. Many procedures can be completed within a couple of hours, though patients with more severely stained teeth may need to come back for additional appointments.

Using teeth whitening to brighten the smile overall

Perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective solution to stained teeth is utilizing professional whitening services at a dental office. Dentists can apply peroxide solution to stained or discolored teeth and use a special laser to improve the appearance of the teeth during either a single appointment or multiple 15-minute appointments.

Placing porcelain veneers to give the patient a new smile

Veneers may be recommended for patients with teeth that are deeply stained, cracked, or misaligned. During the smile makeover, the dentist prepares the teeth for veneers by “etching” the enamel to create a better surface for the veneers and the teeth to bond together. The dentist then places the veneers on the teeth and uses an adhesive to make these thin shells stay. This is a long-term solution for patients who wish to make quick, dramatic changes to tooth color.

Replacing old crowns for health and aesthetics

If a patient has very old crowns or fillings, it is important to evaluate these for stability as well as cosmetic concerns. Old or cracked crowns may be unattractive and cause the teeth to look darker in appearance. Unstable crowns can also contribute to a misaligned bite and other dental health issues.


Patients with stained or discolored teeth resulting from lifestyle habits have several options to improve the color of the teeth and restore the overall appearance of the mouth. Many patients opt to complete a smile makeover with other services, such as implants and bridges, to create a bright new smile. Get in touch with a licensed dentist to ask questions and schedule a consultation.

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