How Esthetic Dentistry Combines Style and Function

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Esthetic dentistry includes dental procedures that are performed primarily to improve the appearance of the patient's smile, but it offers oral health and functional benefits as well. This review discusses how esthetic dentistry can benefit your smile and oral health by combining style and function. 

Reviewing esthetic dentistry and the benefits treatment can offer

Esthetic dentistry helps many patients restore confidence in their smile while also improving their functional capabilities after oral health issues such as teeth loss occur. The following highlights what esthetic dentistry is and how it can benefit your appearance and ability to function daily. 

What is esthetic dentistry?

Esthetic dentistry is a relatively broad term that addresses a range of cosmetic concerns. The most common cosmetic issues that esthetic dentistry can address include but are not limited to missing teeth, teeth damage, teeth stains, gum complications (such as a “gummy smile”), teeth misalignments, irregularly shaped teeth, and gaps between teeth. Common procedures involved with esthetic dentistry include:

  • Dental implants
  • Partial or complete dentures
  • Fixed bridges
  • Dental veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Tooth-colored crowns
  • Braces or clear aligners
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Gum contouring

The list of potential treatment options is long, and each esthetic dentistry treatment plan is completely personalized to meet the precise needs of the patient. 

How can esthetic dentistry benefit my smile?

The primary purpose of esthetic dentistry is to improve the patient's smile. This is done by restoring the appearance of the patient's teeth to an ideal level. This may involve improving the symmetry of the patient’s teeth with dental veneers or brightening their smile with professional teeth whitening. Dentists may also address issues, such as a smile that shows too much of the gums, through gum contouring. There are many possible ways that esthetic dentistry can improve a patient's appearance and confidence. 

Can esthetic dentistry help me function daily?

Although the primary benefit of esthetic dentistry is an improved smile, this often leads to functional improvements. Most notably, patients who include teeth replacement as a part of their treatment plan find that they can eat tougher foods with ease. Patients that address concerns such as worn-down teeth from bruxism and other forms of damaged teeth and jaw may also see their functional abilities improve with esthetic dentistry treatment. 

Who is the ideal candidate for esthetic dentistry?

Anyone who is not happy with the appearance of their smile due to cosmetic imperfections with their teeth, gums, jaw, etc. may make for a good esthetic dentistry candidate. The best way to determine if esthetic dentistry is appropriate is to schedule a consultation visit with a licensed dentist. 

Are you ready to begin the treatment process? 

If you feel like you have imperfections with your smile that you would like to address with esthetic dentistry, we encourage you to call us or send us a message to schedule a consultation. Our esthetic dentistry professionals can help you improve your smile and restore your confidence when showing off your teeth.

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