Esthetic Dentistry Looks at Harmony of Elements of Your Entire Smile

Esthetic Dentistry Greenacres, FL

Esthetic dentistry unifies many elements to craft your smile. Dentists look at your individual health needs, the color and shape of your teeth, and even your gums. You might worry that making a change will make you look different. Esthetic dentistry seeks to help you improve damage and imperfections to help you get to a better you. To do this, dentists consider several different elements.

Individual tooth color and shape

There are a lot of factors that can cause a person’s smile to appear less than perfect. A smaller than normal tooth, as well as cracks and chips, can make people feel self-conscious. Simple dental procedures can improve or completely cover these imperfections. The esthetic dentist can color-match all of these procedures to blend in with the existing teeth.

Bonding, veneers, and crowns

Cracks, chips, and cavity damage can lead to the need for tooth repair. With advancements in technology, esthetic dentistry means these repairs can be the exact same color as the other, healthy teeth. Bonding is when an esthetic dentist uses a resin to coat an imperfect tooth. The dentist uses a special light to harden the resin to the tooth for a long-lasting improved appearance. The dentist can bond several teeth in the same session in very little time.

Porcelain veneers work similarly to bonding but last longer for most people. Veneers are like a shell that fits over the existing teeth that have imperfections but are otherwise healthy. Crowns fit over teeth that have cavity or tooth decay damage but are healthy enough to keep in the mouth. Tooth-colored crowns mean nobody has to know the dentist repaired that tooth.

In-office teeth whitening

Esthetic dentistry also helps patients restore a brighter shade to their teeth. The dentist has several whitening options that patients can get in-office for precise and natural whitening. It may be possible to achieve more dramatic results in the office than at home. A simple tooth whitening can make a huge difference in a person’s smile.

Reshaping the gums with esthetic dentistry

Some patients have what dentists call a ‘gummy smile.’ The gums are very visible when that person smiles or laughs. Too much of the gums showing can make people feel very self-conscious. Esthetic dentistry can naturally recontour and shave down the gums. Dentists can carefully shape the gums around the teeth to bring balance and harmony to the face.

Shaping the existing teeth

Along with other procedures, the dentist may contour or shape some of the existing teeth. Esthetic dentistry can also resurface a tooth if there are pits and uneven areas in the enamel. These are very subtle options that can have a big effect on enhancing harmony. Simple recontouring can also make biting and chewing more comfortable.

Esthetic dentistry helps you smile

Many dental issues can impact how you see yourself. Esthetic dentistry wants you to feel good and see your natural smile. The dentist can recommend the right procedures that will restore harmony to your smile and can also solve your oral health issues. With esthetic dentistry, you can achieve these positive changes naturally.

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