Dental Restoration Solutions for Damaged Teeth

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Dental restoration treatments come in many forms. Regardless of what issues you are having with your teeth, your dentist can recommend an option and help. If your teeth have suffered damage, either because of poor oral hygiene or because of injury, there are ways to restore your smile. These solutions can also improve the way you feel and get your health on track. Learning about what is available can help you choose what makes the most sense for your needs and goals.

Typical problems for dental restoration treatments

A person’s smile is one of the first things that another individual will notice. When teeth are damaged, it hampers the smile and can be embarrassing to the person. Missing teeth is one of the most severe examples, but others can be problematic as well. Patients will seek help from the dentist to repair everything from significant fractures to minor chips and cracks. This can be the case with a single tooth or multiple teeth. While front teeth are the most visible, any tooth in the mouth can suffer damage and require attention.

Dental crowns

When it comes to dental restoration, crowns are among the first that the dentist will consider. A crown is a natural-looking cap that fits over the entire tooth. Today, most dentists use ceramic, porcelain, or composite material to fabricate the crown. It restores a damaged tooth effectively and protects it from further fractures or cracks. A crown can also reduce the chances of the tooth suffering decay.

To put in a crown, the dentist will first take X-rays and make impressions of the affected tooth or teeth. A technician will make the crown in a lab, though some dental offices have the technology to do same-day crowns in the office. Before placing a crown, the dentist must shave the damaged tooth so that the crown fits. A temporary crown is used before the patient can return to the office for permanent crown placement.


This dental restoration method does not fit over the entire tooth like a crown. Instead, it attaches to the front of it. A veneer is useful to cover chips and moderate breaks. It is a thin shell, usually made of porcelain.

The dentist can make it to be any desired color shade to match the surrounding teeth. It can also come in a particular size and shape. To place the veneer, the dentist first removes some enamel and etches the tooth. Using dental cement, the dentist bonds it to the tooth.


Dentists do not only use fillings as dental restoration for cavities. These are also useful for minor tooth damage. If a patient has a small chip on a tooth, the dentist can use composite bonding material to build up the missing area. After applying the filling to the tooth, the dentist will smooth it out and polish it. The desired color can be used, so it blends in well with the tooth.

Restore your tooth, revive your smile

You do not want to have to hide your smile forever. Do something about that chip, crack, or fracture. Discuss one of these options with your dentist. Make your tooth whole once more and love the way your smile looks again.

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