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Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most popular and effective forms of dentistry available to the public. It combines the goals of oral health with making your teeth more aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly an aesthetic dentist does and what their end goal is when it comes to your oral well-being. 

What does an aesthetic dentist do?

An anesthetic dentist can perform all the duties of a general dentist and most of those of cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the tasks that an aesthetic dentist can perform. 

Annual or bi-annual dental checkups

Much like a general dentist, an aesthetic dentist can perform basic oral checkups. This includes a tooth cleaning, checking your gums, and ensuring no serious problems are occurring inside your mouth. 

Replace missing teeth

Replacing missing teeth is a common concern of adults and children alike. There are many ways of going about this, and an aesthetic dentist can perform each one. Some of these procedures include dentures, dental implants, and a variety of other tooth replacement options. Each of these procedures is difficult and time-consuming, but an aesthetic dentist can handle them all. 

Whiten or clean your teeth

Stained, dirty, chipped, and cracked teeth are another common problem that many people deal with. Whether the problem with your teeth is broken or what tooth whitening procedure you opt for, having your aesthetic dentist help you out is a great option. 

Aesthetic dentistry implements new and revolutionary technologies and tools to make your teeth whiter than they’ve ever been. No matter what they do, however, an aesthetic dentist will never put the overall health of your teeth at risk. They only use healthy and viable options to get your teeth looking as good as new. 

Installing or removing dental material 

Whether you need a cavity filled or a crown installed or removed, an aesthetic dentist has your back. They are also capable of giving you veneers and taking all the measures necessary to complete the process. Veneers often require the fronts of your teeth to be shaved down to accommodate their bulk. An anesthetic dentist is more than capable of handling this task, and many others like it. 

What’s the end goal of an aesthetic dentist? 

Overall, the end goal of aesthetic dentistry is to have your teeth looking healthy and better than ever. They will use the latest and greatest technologies to improve the looks of your teeth as well as your oral health. An anesthetic dentist can enhance your teeth' color, looks, and strength, but they never do it at the cost of your oral health. 

They have the skills of both a general and cosmetic dentist and will provide you with quality oral services available. You solve more than one problem by utilizing the skills of an aesthetic dentist by enhancing the looks of your teeth and their health. 

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